Onstwedder.com has been online since 16 July 2000. Its founder is Martijn Onstwedder.

Even before onstwedder.com was a thing, Martijn always had affinity with computers, apart from playing videogames,
he also wrote software at a young age. Martijn created software ranging from a breakout-clone to a catalog program that recognized his CDs.

It seems obvious he would get a career in IT. At first, he continued working with Delphi.
From there on Martijn took on many different projects in developing: Lotus Notes, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JAVA, XML, SOAP.

Meanwhile having his first officially released game in the apple app store. Originally written in Objective-C, but eventually rewritten into Swift.

Since 2017 his dayjob started to focus on cloud. At first AWS, at which he became an AWS certified Solution Architect, but soon Azure.

Nowadays, Martijn is a skilled cloud engineer with knowledge of CICD pipelines, yaml, Terraform, networking, .net, c# and security.

More recently in his spare time, he has been playing around with Blazor and that's what onstwedder.com is currently running on.
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