About Martijn


I was born in 1974 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I spent my youth in Hellevoetsluis, a Dutch village near the beach.
When I was a bit too young I saw Jaws, so I didn't enjoy the sea as much as I could have when I grew up. Instead, I played on a parking lot in front of our house a lot.

When I was almost 9 years old my dad bought an Apple IIe and that became my first contact with a personal computer. The apple was followed up by a ZX Spectrum and then several Ataris. All this exposure to computers sparked my interest and made me want to study computer stuff and make a job out of my hobby. So eventually I moved to Rotterdam, where I studied computer science on both Erasmus University and HES Rotterdam.

During those days I did nerdy things. I created onstwedder.com in 2000. I made some software and most of all I played lots of videogames and watched tons of movies. After graduating I started working as a programmer for a relatively small IT-company and then moved on to work in an IT-Department of a relatively large insurance company.

And life happened, I met my wife and we started a family. We have two beautiful daughters. I am in dubio whether to raise them like hit-girl or just regular geeky. Luckily for them, my wife has a saying in the matter.

I understand that there are people that don't listen to lyrics when they listen to music. To me that's just weird. My favourite song is "all that you have is your soul" by Tracy Chapman. The lyrics are great. I liked it so much, that its title was the tagline of this site for many years.

In retrospect, the shark in Jaws looks very fake - I actually went to Universal Studios in Florida and checked it out. But when I was young, it was good enough to scar me for life.